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  1. Sue says

    Great website!!!!! We are brand new RV owners, and this website literally fills all the gaps we don’t know and easy to understand instructions. Thank you for putting this together for those of us out there that need help with the all the other tidbits I have found here.

    Thanks again from Colorado!

    • thervlife says

      Thank you! 🙂 Hope you enjoy your new RV. We plan on hitting all the basics first! That is the hardest part

  2. Eve Piliero says

    We have not been able to use our 5th wheel travel trailer yet. We got it 2nd hand about 1 year ago. Because of illness and then pandemic we have been thrown for a loop, however we are ready to take it out for the first time.

    • thervlife says

      I hope you get to use your RV soon. Is this a first RV For you? We enjoy our RV so much. Love that it is a rolling home so all of your personal items are with you and wherever you are - it's comfortable and cozy 🙂

  3. Tom says

    “Based on your rig's manufacturer's recommendations, add the appropriate amount of septic tank conditioner to your rig's black water holding tank. This is only needed if you've elected not to hook directly to a waste line at your site.”

    So reading this, I don’t need black tank treatment if I’m hooked up to sewer? Hooked up or not, I would think I need to add treatment in order to break down waste and toilet paper in order to properly drain the black tank.

    • thervlife says

      Thank you for responding, you have a valid point and we are amending this statement. You should always add black water treatment even if you directly connect your waste line at your site. We personally try not to empty our black tank until it is almost 3/4 full. Water is essential to help to break down solids and assist in efficient emptying of the tank - even when hooked up. Our #1 rule, as we mentioned, is always to follow your manufacturer's recommendations.

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